Our suite of tailor-made services put you in the driving seat, providing you with the confidence to self-publish without being by yourself.


Your publishing plan with Red Kufi Books is customised according to your publication and your needs. This offering does not include enhanced or specialised formatting features. The Basic Plan consists of the following services only:

What You Get:


Customer support (Monday to Thursday, 09:00 – 16:00 and Friday, 09:00 – 11:00)

➢ Manuscript pre-set and formatting

➢ Custom interior layout design

➢ ISBN registration and barcode supply

➢ Physical (x1) and electronic proofs of your book

➢ Soft copies of final designed manuscript in PDF and editable Adobe InDesign formats

➢ 100% ownership


Customer change requests – ZAR 350.00 per hour

Customer change requests that call for rework of completed DTP (Desktop Publishing) process not due to Red Kufi Books error will be charged.

Manuscript Pre-set and Formatting

It is imperative to our DTP (Desktop Publishing) process that we work with a consistently formatted manuscript. Your word-processed manuscript will be prepared and pre-set to meet our DTP needs. This will ensure that the manuscript passes smoothly and more quickly through the editing and interior layout design phases of the DTP process.


Custom Interior Layout Design

A book is not only judged by its cover but also by its interior design appeal. A professional layout, therefore, enhances the book’s desirability and creates a more enjoyable interface between the reader and the page. A clean and efficient design will also visually create a more comfortable read. At Red Kufi Books we endeavour to achieve this through an inclusive and collaborative designer/client DTP process.


➣ Creating an outer to inner visual flow thereby achieving a complimentary design style.

➣ Selecting an appropriate typeface

➣ Defining layout style

➣ Designing custom chapter openers

➣ Designing running heads and pagination

➣ Special and enhanced formatting solutions


Before full interior design production commences, two sample chapter variations will be provided. Once you have selected your preferred style, and are happy with the format designed for your publication, we will proceed with the full layout of the interior book design.


ISBN registration and Barcode

Red Kufi Books will apply for an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for your title. A barcode with registered ISBN details will be generated for the book’s back cover.


100% Ownership

We empower our clients by providing all source and designed materials. All sale revenue generated is, therefore, solely that of the author’s.

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The cover is the window to the soul of your book. A reader’s first interaction is with the cover of your book. In an age where books are widespread, and titles compete with thousands of other publications for shelf-space, it becomes critical that your book’s cover draws the reader. A well-designed and professional looking cover communicates to the reader that the author is serious about the book. Books with mediocre cover designs often lead lonely lives. At Red Kufi Books we aim to design covers for our clients that will entice readers to engage with their books.

What You Get:

➢ Two front cover design concepts

➢ Up to five rounds of changes on selected cover design

➢ Full front, spine and back cover design

➢ One round of revisions on full cover

➢ Digital mock-book designs (x3) for publication promotion

When designing your cover, our objective is to create a strong first impression. One that will grab the reader’s attention and willingness to take a closer look.

To achieve cover efficacy, translating the book’s focal purpose to the cover in an exciting and visually pleasing manner with originality is vital. For this use, a questionnaire is provided for completion. This will direct the designer to merge your ideas and tastes into a design that also feels you authentically. It is essential that you are comfortable with the cover design.

Two cover concepts will now be designed. This is followed by honing the chosen cover to reach print status. We allow for five revisions during this process.

The printer’s specifications are needed to design the spine, but they, in turn, require the final page count to provide the specifications. On completion of the book’s interior design is the page count ascertained and specifications submitted. The spine and back cover will now be designed including the placing of all the elements such as client logo, back cover copy and barcode.

One round of revision, if needed, may still be exercised after the full cover has been realised.

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There should be no compromise when publishing a book. The bare minimum consideration should be a basic edit. Editing, as with a well-designed cover, increases your book’s desirability with the reader.

Our Process:


➢ Correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and word usage

➢ Correct errors in sentence construction and language usage

➢ Minimise jargon for easier reading

➢ Check for plagiarism and reference text correctly

Your manuscript will undergo a basic editorial process using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes functionality. This will allow you to review all edits and deletions and decide whether to approve or reject them.


Elaborate manuscripts, mainly non-fiction, requires specialised and enhanced formatting to create an efficient and aesthetically pleasing book. This service becomes a requirement and must be added to your plan if your publication includes any of the following formatting elements:

➢ Images

➢ Colour correction

➢ Text borders

➢ Shaded boxes

➢ Sidebars

➢ Call-out quotes

➢ Numbered or bulleted lists

➢ Equations

➢ Schematics

➢ Tables

➢ Subheadings

Accurate timesheets will be kept for work done and submitted along with the invoice. Timesheets will include the page number, the elements being formatted and format duration.


It is the responsibility of every serious writer to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the book’s content. The burden is even more so if the subject material covers Islamic law, includes Hadith and Quranic text. We will provide the services of our in-house Islamic Scholar—trained in Islamic law, Arabic, research and proofreading—who will fact-check the manuscript and offer consultation.

Our Process:


  • ➢ Islamic jurisprudence, hadith, and material checked for authenticity and accuracy
  • ➢ Correct Arabic grammar and spelling
  • ➢ Consultation with Islamic Scholar

Accurate timesheets will be kept for work done and submitted along with the invoice. Timesheets will include the page number, the elements being formatted and format duration.


Arabic-English manuscripts add greater complexity to the interior layout design. There is no top-end design software with the ability to accommodate both languages in a single document. We solve this problem by creating images of the formatted Arabic.

This is done in two stages:

Stage One: Editing the Hadith and Quranic text

We use the Uthmani Arabic script for both the Hadith and the Quranic text. The Arabic for the Hadith is edited using Microsoft Word or Libre Office. The Quranic text is extracted from our Quranic Desktop Publishing Software ensuring 100% accuracy and format integrity.


Stage Two: Creating images of the Hadith and Quranic text

Individual documents are created for all the Arabic text separated by English text. The new document’s page size, margins, alignment and font size are set according to design requirements. This document is saved as a PDF file. Using our design software, the PDF file is opened as an image, cropped and saved as a TIFF file. The TIFF files are finally inserted into the book as images. Tiff files are used because of their superior image quality.

This process, although tedious, ensures that the final product maintains the highest level of design integrity and quality.

Accurate timesheets will be kept for work done and submitted along with the invoice. Timesheets will include the page number, the elements being formatted and format duration.


A clean design is important when working with multiple language components. Maintaining diacritic consistency for Arabic transliterated text is critical in achieving this. Correct transliteration is also crucial to ensure proper pronunciation for those who are unable to read the Arabic text.

Our Process:


➢ Correct spelling of transliterated words

➢ Check for diacritic consistency

We edit the transliterated text using a formal system of diacritics and non-standard Latin characters to achieve the Standard Arabic System for Transliteration.


The world of children’s picture books has entered a Golden Period with keener consumer interest and consumption. This age has pushed the art of illustration to greater heights, creating many more talented artists in the process. The arena, now more than ever before, is highly competitive.

Merging your story with exceptional illustrations that lends itself to the tale is critical in producing a quality and sellable children’s picture book. There can be no short-cuts if you wish to be an accomplished children’s book writer. Your book will fail should you renege on quality.

We offer editing, consultation, storyboarding illustration, interior book design and cover design.

Call us for a free consultation.


We only offer printing solutions as a value-add for books which we design.

Ask us to quote for any of the following solutions: 

➢ Pre-Press

➢ Lithographic Printing (High Volumes)

➢ Digital Printing (Low Volumes)

➢ Packaging Printing

➢ Gang-stitching

➢ Perfect binding (PUR)

➢ Gluing

➢ Trimming

➢ Cutting

➢ Creasing

➢ Embossing

➢ Laminating

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