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    Abdurraghiem Hasan Sallie

Meet the Author
As a Faqih, Shaykh Abdurraghiem authored 30 books on various aspects of Islam such as Tauhid, Salaah, Zakah, Fasting, Hajj (from the viewpoint of all four major Schools of Thought), Maintenance and Child-care in Islam, Islamic Jurisprudence and Muslim Personal Law; including Marriage, Divorce and Inheritance. Four of his publications are endorsed by Egypt’s Al-Azhar University. These are; The Comparative Study of Inheritance in Islam (376 pages), A Journey Through the World of Belief – A Book on Tauhid / Monotheism (377 pages), The Supernatural: Fact or fiction in Islam (96 pages) and The Laws pertaining to Mosques in Islam (176 pages). Shaykh Abdurraghiem’s final book published in his lifetime took seven years of research and writing. The Evolution of Islamic Legislation Volume One is a 606-page in-depth study of the development of the Shari’ah through the first three periods in Islamic history. Volume Two covering the fourth, fifth and sixth was unfortunately not realised. Shaykh Abdurraghiem sadly did not live to see a final book – to which he painstakingly dedicated his last few years – published. This book, A Beginner Journey through the World of Islam is in its final stages of editing.
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About This Book

Death is the final separation of the soul from the physical body. In this book, the author provides full details of the final rites to be accorded to the dead, such as instructions for the washing of the corpse. The views from the perspective of the four matha-hib are provided and further elucidates the various aspects of burying a Muslim with dignity. The step by step method of performing the last ghusl (ceremonial bath) to the shrouding (kafan) of the corpse is explained in simple and easy to understand language. A perspective is also provided on crying and lamenting

A perspective is also provided on crying and lamenting over the dead, burying at night, grave exhumation and visiting the graveyard. The iddah of the wife is fully expounded upon. The punishment in the grave and the subject of Tawassul (request/entreaty) and wasilah (medium/intercession) has been added for the serious student or reader of Islamic literature.


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Publisher: Red Kufi Books
Publish Date: 1989
Page Count: 273


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