Zaahied Sallie

After working almost 20 years in a corporate environment, Zaahied felt a great need for a significant shift towards something that spoke more passionately to his authentic self. A great fan of the arts, a book enthusiast, the son of a writer and the husband of a journalist and editor, gravitating towards writing was a natural transition, but no less daunting. Plunging into and re-designing a new life was nurtured in his heart many years before. Courage, faith and a deep yearning for meaning led him to retire from corporate life on 30 August 2015 and establish Red Kufi Books. He co-wrote his first children’s book with his wife titled We Love to Play Pray. His international solo debut was The Beloved Prophet (s) – An Illustrated Biography in Rhyme. The book, the first of its kind, was published by Claritas Books UK.

Zaahied Sallie’s Red Kufi Books column ‘Allah, the Prophet and me’ is featured weekly, inshaAllah.

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