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At Red Kufi Books, we care deeply about the importance of literacy and reading. With our motto Be Well Read, we have made it our mission to call people to the first Quranic verse revealed.

Through our reading campaign #callto1stverse, we intend to keep firm those already on the path and encourage others to join the people of the books. We believe that becoming well read is a journey with no destination. The journey is the destination. We encourage reading books beyond what we have to offer. Libraries, therefore, play a critical role in becoming well-read. Our role is to animate libraries with our presence and that of our families.

Parents should inculcate in their children the love of reading and the library at a tender age. We should nurture the love for our local libraries. A visit to the library alone or with our families should be a regular feature in our calendars.

Libraries are the wealthiest places on earth, and their loans are free. We should not only frequent the library when an assignment is due and source materials are required.

As a parent, you should know that you have succeeded when your children are nagging you to take them to the library because they have devoured all their books and more is needed to feed on.  It is our duty as parents to apply for a library card as soon as our children are born. Make it a necessary ritual to visit the library as a family. Nurturing the love for the book and library in our children is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child. Remember, readers are made on the lap of their parents.

Around the world, we find breathtaking libraries housing hundreds of thousands of volumes. However, the real beauty of these libraries is found on the billions of pages that reside within its walls.

At Red Kufi Books we will continually drive this important campaign through our online articles and books via this website, social media pages, and events.

We need your support to drive the #callto1stverse campaign, by cultivating the love for reading firstly within, encouraging others to read and forwarding and sharing our articles. Join the movement by writing and submitting your articles to Red Kufi Books.

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