The importance of reading to a child
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At Red Kufi Books, feeding the little ones a diet of the classics is what we recommend. Along with our children’s books, of course.

The Islamic tradition encourages education of a high calibre.

What the Arabs call Umm al Madrassah, the School of the Mother, begins at inception. Newborns automatically connect with their mother’s soothing voice after birth. This connection is because the child recognises the voice which it had become accustomed to while in the womb.

Talking and singing to your baby and reading with your baby even before birth can be a way to foster early social interactions and even later learning. How to do it? It is never premature to begin selecting books for your baby,1

says Doctor Tricia Striano in her column Smart Baby.

Selecting the right books is essential to ensuring that the foetus and newborn’s development receives the correct ingredients. One does not want to stifle the child’s learning by reading books that are inadequate and of a low grade. It is common practice to recite to the child from the Holy Qur’an. The recital that falls on the baby’s ears is the speech of God. Majestic in language and guidance. God’s words are incomparable, and no other books can compare. Still, it is imperative that we maintain the highest quality of language when reading to a child in any tongue. The cautious position would, therefore, be to read from the classics to our children. This way we rest assured that they are receiving the best.

Elizabeth (Nabila) Hanson, the founder of Kinza Academy, states that

if your children grow up reading the classics they will always be able to read difficult literature and all doors to great literature and knowledge will be open to them. Not to mention that they will be able to think, speak, and write at higher levels too. On the contrary, if they grow up reading simple literature, they will struggle to read anything of real substance later. Reading the classics also trains you in the essential skill of understanding human nature: why people do the things they do and how to recognize the good person from the bad person, to put it simply. Shakespeare was the all-time master of this2.”

Reading has a high station within the Islamic tradition. It was the first command given to the best of creation. Let’s renew our commitment to this remarkable activity and pass on an immeasurable gift to our children.


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