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Red Kufi Books strives to encourage the love of reading.

The power of reading and writing is the most potent forms of acquiring knowledge as directed by Allah in the Qur’an in Surah Al ‘Alaq (verse 1, chapter 96) and Surah Al Qalam (verse 1, chapters 68).

Allah swears by the pen. Expression of this kind in the Quran is called ‘waaw al qasm’. Allah only makes an oath on something that is great and weighty.

With this in mind, we invite readers and aspiring writers to take up this noble cause and use as a platform to write.

We aim to launch our publishing services within the next few years. South Africa is awash with incredible talent and Red Kufi Books intends to use these writings as a potential launching pad for this new phase of our work. This invitation is to all and not exclusive to South Africa. Everyone has a perspective, something important to contribute or an idea to share.

We are optimistic that great novelists and writers will emerge from this process. Should you wish to utilise this platform, then submit your writings to us.

Send your submissions to Each article will be evaluated based on writing quality and creativity, content and whether it fits Red Kufi Books’ vision. Only original work will be considered i.e. your submission must not have been published before in print or electronic format.

We will post selected submissions in our features section under guest author status.

Submission guidelines:

  • Keep your writing between 500 – 700 words. If your content exceeds 700 words, then consider writing your piece in parts.
  • Email subject format – Pen Your Thoughts, title piece. If your writing is newsworthy, current and time-sensitive, then prompt us by adding ‘TIME SENSITIVE’ in the subject line of the email.
  • Introduce yourself by submitting a brief bio.
  • Endorse the email with the following statement: I, name & surname, acknowledge that this work is solely my own and has not been published before. All citations, if any, have been made and accredited to the appropriate sources.

We encourage that you strive to write excellently and submit your best work. May Allah accept all our efforts! Insha’Allah